Bedding Atelier, Tuscan company that designs and produces customized furnishing solutions, "workshop" sartorial which he has always made handmade products in Italy since 1970.

The Beginnings

The beginnings of bedding brand can be traced back to the 1970s with the meeting of three entrepreneurs: Mario, Massimo and Fabrizio, who gave rise to patent bedding, specializing in soft folding seats that easily transform into single beds.

This is the era of the first meetings with well-known professionals, such as architects Carlo De Carli, Andrea Branzi, Clino Castelli, Ettore Sottsass…

(photo from the archive – The last Empress of Persia Farah Diba appreciates the “Zana” armchair-)

A beautiful story with the study most famous in the world “Ettore Sottsass Jr” and the English group Dillon, Malcum Allum and George Sowden, to name a few, (in the image the inimitable and iconic “Flying Carpet” by Ettore Sottsass).

We design and manufacture sofas, armchairs, beds and sofa beds, with a strong classic imprint, which identifies us at the top of the international market alongside the most prestigious brands in the sector. The collaboration with furniture and interior architecture studios around the world, the continuous search for innovative materials lead us to satisfy always best to meet the needs of our valuable customers.

The constant refinement of a distinctive style and exclusive comfort is a design prerogative of the internal studio of bedding atelier, always determined to arouse the desire to experience the living space of our customers with a classy, handmade product, rich in functional aesthetic value.

Because of this bedding atelier, thanks to its precious master craftsmen, can offer you different types of products, passing from the classic to the contemporary, drawing from experience its know-how to interpret and implement "your projects".




The deep passion for our work, reliability, knowing how to dream, determination and the continuous pursuit of excellence have led us in 2017 to face new challenges, with the enthusiasm of many years ago, aware that we can always improve, but comforted by a wealth of unique, distinctive and special experience, like our furnishing solutions.


bedding atelier is a registered trademark that thanks to the know-how, experience and knowledge of international markets, today  can be called one little big leading company in the sector in the world, author of projects by value, always handmade in Italy since 1970.



The armchair Savoy today, made in a new version by Bedding Atelier